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Listening & learning across the borders of race, class and gender. We want to see and treat each other more like family. Chicago, IL. ‪#‎KinCity
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    #24 On The Table w/ Maritza Bandera

    "Your Voice Matters" - For the last 3 years, the Chicago Community Trust has hosted an annual forum designed to elevate civic conversation, foster new relationships and inspire action, called On The Table. Individuals and organizations sign up to host a conversation and a meal, and invite their friends and neighbors to participate in the dialogue. #OnTheTable2017

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    #23 From Unaware to Ally w/ Shawn Casselberry

    Shawn Casselberry, noted author & speaker, talks about white identity, white privilege, white supremacy and how it impacts us all. He is a passionate advocate for racial justice and is committed to creating inclusive community. His passion is mobilizing the church around issues of racial and economic justice. Shawn speaks and writes on topics of faith, race, justice and beloved community.

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    #22 Immigration, Deportation & Aspiration w/ Paco Amador

    Nate talks with Paco Amador - a long-time resident and pastor in Chicago's Little Village community, and Mexican immigrant - about how the current conversation on immigration and new surge in deportations are affecting him and his community, and how we should humanize and build relationship with the 'other'.

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    #21 History and Hope in Austin w/ Rev Ira Acree

    Pastor Ira Acree joins Nate and Steve to speak about his recent letter to Donald Trump, the history of race relations in the US, and the challenges and opportunities he sees in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West side.

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    #19 Taking Risks & Building Bridges w/ Sunitha Chandy

    Carpe Ventus is a Chicago nonprofit that partners with local mentoring organizations to take at-risk youth off the grid onto the water. Kids take part in sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing. Hear from board member Dr. Sunitha Chandy talk about the character building elements of risk taking, building bridges and adventure. And hear why she's so excited to be a part of Carpe Ventus.

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    #18 Heart for the City w/ 'Doc' John Fuder

    Nate sits down with 'Doc' John Fuder to learn more about his training organization, Heart for the City, becoming students of our context, forming postures and practices of engaging our communities, and the ongoing Pray Chicago united prayer movement.

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    #17 Recasting the Nonprofit Model w/ Joel Hammernick

    Joel Hamernick, the Executive Director of Sunshine Gospel Ministries, shares on the opportunities and challenges presented by operating a for-profit business as an extension of the community development which his team focuses on.

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    #15 Messy Love w/ Delia Ramirez

    Love is Messy. It's a phrase that's often repeated...but how many of us actually live it? It's not an easy road to walk on. It takes sacrifice, compromise and sometimes, discomfort. Listen today as we speak with Delia Ramirez, Deputy Director of the Community Renewal Society, about this messy love.

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    #14 Seeking Shalom in Chicago w/ Brian Dye

    Nate & Quantas talk with Brian Dye of West Garfield Park about neighborhood engagement, putting faith into action, Laquan Law, and seeking the peace of Chicago.

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    #13 Crew Catch-Up 1

    Here's our first crew catch-up, a chance to update you on our lives, our thoughts, and our favorite moments from the podcast so far.

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    #11 Foster Care, Adoption & The Center for Law and Social Work w/ Kate Englund

    With over 400,000 kids in foster care across the US and another nearly 130,000 adoptions completed each year, there are agencies that work behind the scenes to walk alongside families seeking to provide a home to the most vulnerable. Today, we will be hearing from The Center for Law and Social Work based here in Chicago.

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    #10 The South Side & Segregation w/ Natalie Moore

    Nate talks with Natalie Moore, WBEZ reporter and author of 'The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation' to talk about the history and effects of racial and economic segregation on Chicago.

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    #9 I Am For Peace

    Steve sits down with staff and students at the forefront of youth-driven peace work.

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    #8 Generation All w/ Misuzu Miyashita Schexnider

    In this episode Quantas speaks with former teacher, Misuzu Miyashita Schexnider, about her time as an educator and her work with the organization, Generation All.

    Listen in as we touch upon the Charter vs. Public debate, education reform, and much more!

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    #7 My Block, My Hood, My City w/ Jahmal Cole

    It’s easy to point fingers at the problems in our city and nation, but it’s much harder to develop solutions and put them into action. On this episode of Kin City, we interview Jahmal Cole, a native of Chicago’s South Side, who is the Founder and President of My Block, My Hood, My City, a not for profit organization that is working to implement solutions to the problems caused by long-term social, racial and economic segregation in Chicago.

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    #5 Special Episode - Chicago Safe Summer Summit

    Panel discussion on violence, health and safety at the Chicago Safe Summer Summit. Listen to leaders of some of Chicago's major social and public institutions talk about how we can create opportunities for youth and communities that are safe, healthy and whole.

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    #4 Approaching Homelessness w/ Menachem Cohen

    This week we sit down with a rabbi who spends his nights on the streets with the homeless population of Chicago, and discuss ways to interact with that population, how to best offer support, and the challenges of maintaining hope in situations where many times the outlook is bleak.

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    #3 How Cops Are Trained, Part 2

    Part 2 of "How Cops Are Trained". We've been hearing directly from a member of the Chicago Police Department to learn more from a cop's perspective. In this episode you'll hear about one cop's perspective on IPRA, the role of the ACLU, civilian police boards, use of force and your constitutional rights as a citizen.

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    #2 How Cops Are Trained, Part 1

    Ever want to hear what police officers face? Hear directly from a member of the Chicago Police Department to learn more about how they are trained, how they deal with the stresses of the job and how we, as citizens, can work together with them to keep us all safe.

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    #0 This Is Kin City

    Listening & learning across the borders of race, class and gender. The 'heart' and the 'why' of this podcast.

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